Oort Cloud disruption by close stellar encounters

REBOUND tutorials are based on the REBOUND examples 

REBOUND tutorial №1
  • In this tutorial you will work with a software package called REBOUND. This is a software package contains several N-body integrators that can integrate the motion of particles under the influence of gravity. The particles can represent stars, planets, moons, ring or dust particles.

  • Log in with your kapteyn account.

  • Load anaconda3 module: module load anaconda3

  • Start jupyter notebook with your favorite web browser: jupyter notebook --browser=firefox

                                          jupyter notebook --browser=google-chrome

  • In jupyter notebook open SunJupiterSaturn.ipynb and follow the instructions in the file.

  • In the jupyter notebook open TestParticles.ipynb and follow the instructions in the file.

REBOUND tutorial №2
  • Use the SunJupiterSaturn.ipynb from the Tutorial 1 as a starting point. During the tutorial №1 you’ve learned about the interaction in the Sun+Jupiter+Saturn system. Replace Saturn by Earth. What changed? Why?

  • Use the TestParticles.ipynb from the tutorial №1 as a starting point. During the tutorial you have seen the effect of a Jupiter mass planet at 1AU on a fictitious asteroid belt.

       (a) What would be an effect of an Earth mass planet at 1 AU?

       (b)In the above examples, the planet did not change its semi-major axis as the test particles have zero mass and do not affect any other          particles. Change this assumption by allowing the test particles to have a small mass and influence the planet. Test particles still will not        influence other test particles. Initialize each test particle with a mass m = 1e − 7. Set the testparticle type to 1, which allows interactions          between test particles and massive particles, but not between test particles themselves: sim.testparticle type = 1. How                    semimajor axis of a planet will change due to interactions with the test particles? Check this for a Jupiter mass planet orbiting at 1AU              and for an Earth mass planet orbiting at 1AU. Include your code and a brief description of the differences between two cases.