protect our skies campaign

The project Protect Our Skies wishes to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of satellite constellations on ground-based astronomy. With simple yet suggestive posters we wish to draw attention to the problem. “Trash” as a common theme combines the sentiment that satellites pollute the night sky and the fact that the increasing number of satellites are literally bound to aggravate the problem of space debris in the low Earth orbit. Visit our main page to read more about the constellations and how they pollute the sky and use an interactive infographic explaining the problem.


Feel free to use, distribute, and print the posters to spread the word. Posters of higher resolution can be downloaded here. We also translated posters in several languages (we are happy to provide translations in other languages upon request): Dutch, Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian.

News item about the campaign: RuG (in English), NOVA (in Dutch), RuG (in Dutch), Dagblad van het Noorden (in Dutch).


Team: Kateryna Frantseva (@frantseva_khomepage), Martha Irene Saladino (@mairensarohomepage), Jure Japelj (@JureJapeljhomepage).