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Tokyo. Day 1

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It’s not just a city, it’s a metropolis which consists of 23 special wards (each ward is like a proper city) with a total of 13.5 millions inhabitants! We stayed in Tokyo 6 nights and 5 full days. We rented an Airbnb apartment next to Ikebukuro station and every morning we would take a metro from the station. There are 9 metro lines and few more lines of Japanese Railway. The metro and train network covers the entire city and makes traveling very pleasant (see 📷1). The only weird detail is that there are no trains between midnight and ~5am 🤔 I will tell you a bit about each of the days we’ve spent there (one day story per day) accompanying each day with some pictures

🔹 Firstly, we went to Roppongi district (📷2) to check the view on the top of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (📷3,4) and see Mori Arts Center and Art Museum (📷5) inside of the tower. The view is stunning and the museum is very interesting. Worth visiting!

🔹 Afterwards, we stopped by Ebisunishi (Shibuya) for lunch. Our choice fell on some random udon place. Outside the place you can have a look at the plastic copies of the dishes (📷6) and inside there is a kind of vending machine where you can choose your dish, pay and get a receipt which you then give to the cook. Our first experience with this kind of food places was a bit disappointing because almost all of us got wrong meals.

🔹 Next stop was Meiji Shrine (Shibuya). Shrine complex is located in the middle of a huge forest. Unfortunately the main building was under construction but we’ve enjoyed a lot walking in the surrounding park (📷7).

🔹 Nearby the exit of the shrine we’ve found a cat cafe (📷8) and were extremely happy to visit it (not only because we all adore cats, but also because rain caught us without any umbrellas). Cat cafes are becoming trendy all over the world but not everyone knows that the trend was established in Japan. Japanese cat cafe is all about hygiene: you must change your shoes, disinfect your hands, and your drink (coffee, tea) should be covered with a cap.

🔹 Our first day finished in a huge toy store near Jingumae (Shibuya). I’ve never seen so many Totoro plushes in my entire life ❤️ (📷9)

The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos. © Hayao Miyazaki

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