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Japan. Overall impression.

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Our Japanese journey is over and today we are coming back home. I've decided to write a small post about our general impression regarding Japan, and later few more posts about each city we've visited. I'll write in English and in a case you want Ukrainian or Russian versions, just ask me ☺️. So, here is a bullet list with our Japanese impressions.

🔹 The population of Japan is ~125 000 000 people. That's a looot of people, especially if you'll have a look at the size of Japan. Nevertheless, there is no mess. Everything is well organized, tidy and precise.

🔹 Try to avoid visiting Japan in August. It's super hot and humid. SUPER hot! I'm not joking.

🔹 Booking flights and accommodations well in advance helps saving a lot of money. We've booked our flights (~900 eur for the round trip pp) in January and our accommodations in March.

🔹 Everything in Japan is smaller comparing to Europe. Smaller houses, smaller beds, smaller cars. So if you're expecting a queen bed, you not gonna find it 😄.

🔹 Japanese people are very kind, helpful and respectful. Even if they don't speak any English (which is a case quite often), they will try their best to help you. It's happened to us several times that we were studying a subway map and a random person would come to us in order to help.

🔹 Japanese people are very pedantic about hygiene. While buying some finger food you'll be provided with a wet tissue in every single shop. Even if you buy some street food, it'll be packed and protected from everything, e.g. coughing people. That's why it's not appreciated to eat on the street.

🔹 Bidet. Japanese people have bidets. Everywhere. At home, at work, in public toilets.

🔹 Food. Japanese food is amazing! The beauty of Japan is that you can walk into any random place to eat and you can be sure that you'll get pretty good food. And these places are not expensive. For example, we've paid 7 euro for the ramen, and it was the best ramen in my entire life. Our most expensive meal, perhaps, was lunch at the fish market in Tokyo, where I had the best and freshest sushi in my entire life (~30 euro pp).

🔹 Smoking is forbidden on the street but it's allowed in the cafes and restaurants. From one point of view, it's really nice because it keeps streets extremely clean. From the other point of view, sometimes it's quite annoying to breathe the smoke while you're eating.

🔹 Everywhere we've found very nice and convenient public transport system.

🔹 All the traffic is left sided. The same for the pedestrians. Always keep the left side, otherwise you'll confuse many people.

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